An insiders Guide to Jomtien Beach

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Just to the south of Pattaya Beach and only a short ride over Pratamnak Hill on a baht bus is the more picturesque and even longer Jomtien Beach.Spanning much of its 6km length is a large and still growing number of high-rise condominiums which from a distance gives the impression of a major city. The reality, however, is that they are quiet, often almost empty residential complexes and the only real activity in Jomtien is in the area at the western end where shops, restaurants and bars line the first kilometre of the beach road.This small town area has enough shops to cater for most holiday needs including pharmacies, hairdressers, mini-marts and plenty of clothing market-stalls. Dining is also well covered with a wide variety of international and Thai cuisine on offer at the many small restaurant-bars spread along the beach road and its side streets.At night Jomtien is fairly quiet compared to Pattaya but that in itself appeals to some who are happy to enjoy a meal in one of the peaceful seaside restaurants or perhaps a few drinks strolling around the local bars. Others, however, make a nightly trip to South Pattaya and the likes of Walking Street which can be reached easily by jumping on one of the many passing baht buses.

With the exception of some open-front beer bars and a small gay scene, nights in Jomtien are mostly wholesome and family-orientated. Those that don’t head to Pattaya Beach for a night of partying choose to relax in one of Jomtien’s many bars and restaurants, head to a cultural show like Alankarn, or just chill out around their hotel.

There are a few sleazy go-go bars and a multitude of beer bars on Thep Phraya Road (the road connecting Pattaya and Jomtien). The densest concentration can be found in a small shophouse development called the Jomtien Complex. More beer bars still are scattered along the northern end of the beach front parade and up many of the soi’s adjoining it.

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